The Wonderful Exhibits At Stone Mountain Museum

Stone Mountain Museum is located in Memorial Hall at the Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia. It is a major destination in the state thanks to the expansive history of the region and the many things to see and do. This is an attraction that is sure to amuse and entertain visitors of all ages that enjoy learning about the history of various cultures and eras.

The exhibits are unique at they take you on a journey through time. Some of the artifacts that you can expect are as old as 12,000 years old and show the vast history of those that lived in the region from then to modern day. If you enjoy imagining what life might have been like for those that first settled the area through European settlers and beyond you surely will be pleased.

The exhibits are very interactive as they not only give you a glimpse into the past but allow you to learn about what life what like for various peoples that inhabited the area. There are stories that make you feel as though you might have known them and their way of life. There are even primary source documents that give you a personal look into what individuals experienced during the most important and influential points in the area’s history.

One of the most popular areas of the museum focuses on life during the American Civil War. The war came to a head very close to the spot of the museum and is a source of great pride and sorrow. First hand accounts from those that fought in local battles will leaving you feeling the extreme emotions that much have been felt by civilians and soldiers alike. It was a time of great hardship for everyone that was involved.

You can also learn about what led to the creation of the park and the preservation of the natural beauty that it offers. The history that you will learn starts thousands of years ago and takes you on a journey to the present day.

The Stone Mountain Museum is a wonderful place to learn about various cultures, ways of life and the history that is specific to the region. If you visit the area this is a must stop location. You will be amazed at the great collection of artifacts and the work that has gone into preserving this great piece of history.