How to Rent a Stone Mountain Ga Apartments With a Prior Criminal Record

Are you looking forStone Mountain Ga apartments It can be hard to find an apartment to rent if you have felonies and no job. There still hope to find a place to live though. In this article, you’re going to learn how to find an apartment with prior criminal records, how to rent without a job and you will learn why you should rent instead of own.

How to Rent an Apartment with a Criminal Record

Having a past with a criminal record can be damaging to get any type of credit or leasing agreement. Over the past 10 years, apartment complexes have increasingly been performing credit checks and background checks on their potential tenants. The reason for this increase is because apartment complexes can now use the Internet to purchase a background check. This makes it a lot easier for them since they do not have to call to get information about a prospective tenant anymore.

The main concerns that apartments are worried about are violence, sex, and drug offenses. These are the main offenses that will deny your application. There is still hope though. The first thing that you should do is Tell the apartment complex about your prior criminal history before hand. You do not want to wait for them to pull up your criminal history.

You can also get a few references from reputable people. You can try to get a reference from your pastor, and the local sheriff, or even an elected official. These references can let the apartment complex know that you are not the same way anymore and have changed. If you are also experiencing joblessness because of your criminal past there are still ways to get an apartment as well.

How to Get an Apartment without a Job

Experiencing joblessness is stressful but you still can find a place to live. Most apartment complexes will want a proof of employment by either calling your place of employment, using a paystub or tax return

The best way to get it approved without a job is to have a solid cosigner. Many apartments will approve your application based on your cosigners good credit score. You can also try to show other proof of income if you have assets that make you money each month. An example of an asset can be a home that you’re leasing to someone.

Why You Should Read It Instead of Own

One of the biggest advantages of renting an apartment is mobility. If you plan on getting a job sometime soon in a different state, it’ll be much easier for you to leave the place if you only rent.

Following the steps above will help you get an apartment if you’re jobless and have criminal records. Be sure to get references from reputable to people to higher the chances of an approval. Hopefully, you can find your dream Stone Mountain Ga apartments within the next couple of months.